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Welcome to the Sonoma County Hardship Fund 

Empowering Dreams, Building Futures

Sonoma County thrives on its vibrant community spirit and entrepreneurial energy. However, we understand that the journey to success isn't always smooth, especially for entrepreneurs, small businesses and youth programs facing financial hardships. That's why we've created the Sonoma County Hardship Fund – a beacon of hope for those striving to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.


Bienvenido al Fondo para Adversidad en el Condado de Sonoma  Empoderando Sueños, Construyendo Futuros

El Condado de Sonoma prospera gracias a su vibrante espíritu comunitario y a su energía empresarial.

Sin embargo, entendemos que el camino hacia el éxito no siempre es fácil, especialmente para los empresarios, las pequeñas empresas y los programas juveniles que se enfrentan a dificultades financieras. Por eso hemos creado el Fondo para Adversidad en el Condado de Sonoma – un faro de esperanza para quienes se esfuerzan por superar los retos y perseguir sus sueños.

About Us

The Opportunity Foundation of Sonoma County (formerly the Sonoma County Hardship Fund), is a local 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established in May 2020.

OUR mission:

At the Opportunity Foundation of Sonoma County our mission is to foster resilience, inspire growth, and drive positive change within our community. We achieve this by supporting and connecting our youth, families and small businesses, as well as fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in Sonoma County.

OUR vision:

A Sonoma County where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has the opportunity to flourish. A resilient, inclusive, and supportive community where everyone can access the resources and support needed to achieve their aspirations. 

OUR values:

Compassion - Resilience - Collaboration - Diversity & Inclusion - Integrity - Community

Sonoma County Businesses
Schools in Sonoma County
Sonoma County is known for its vibrant community spirit and entrepreneurial drive. However, we also recognize the unique challenges faced by those striving for success, especially in the face of financial hardships. We serve as a beacon of hope, with our impact being tangible at the grassroots level and recognized at state and county levels. We remain committed to expanding our reach to serve those in need.  
Opportunity Foundation of Sonoma County
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